I work integratively, which means I have a range of psychotherapy theories available to me. I draw mainly on relational humanistic theories, with my client at the centre of my work. The relationship we co-create acts as a foundation for healing.  I provide a safe space for you to share your story and for us to explore it without judgement. I work with empathy and compassion, and I believe that the connection we make can be supportive and healing.

I work with my clients holistically, and pay attention to physical communications as well as emotional ones. I work with adults, on a 1:1 basis.  

I have broad experience in working with clients who have experienced trauma, including developmental trauma.  

I offer weekly 50 minute sessions, at the same time each week.  I usually suggest we begin with 6 sessions, which are usually at the same time each week, which will enable us to see if we can work together.  If after this you want to continue,  we will have weekly sessions of 50 minutes, for as long as you want to continue.


If you are considering starting sessions, I offer a free initial phone call for 15 minutes, to see how we might work together.  

My fee is £50 per session. I will provide an invoice after each session, which is payable by bank transfer each week.