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Louise Campbell, psychotherapist,  sitting on a bench

We all need help from time to time, to manage situations in life, and sometimes therapy can offer a supportive way to navigate difficulty, and offer healing.  

You may be facing a particular challenge in your life that you would like to work through. Sometimes clients want work through thoughts and feelings about changes in their life, such as a bereavement, divorce or additions to the family.  This might have happened recently, or in the past.  Therapy can help to organise, understand and make sense of those feelings, and enable you to manage changes more easily. 

Some clients have been struggling with difficult feelings, or with depression or anxiety for many years, and want to feel better.  Therapy can help clients to understand more about these complex feelings, and how they impact you, to support healing, and improve well-being.

Sometimes, people want to understand more about themselves, and how they function in the world, or perhaps to find some balance, seek growth, or to help them plan their next steps in life.

Whatever your reason for coming to therapy, it can provide a non judgemental space to support you work through your thoughts and feelings, and help you to cope. 

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